I can provide Premierre Group with my highest recommendation and gratitude. Our house had been registered with another Real Estate agency for four months and had very little interest or success, after promises of selling the house within a month. When I engaged Premierre Group I was immediately impressed with their honesty, clear communication and professionalism. Within 10 days the house was sold at the desired price.

What impressed me the most was that the sale was a team effort. There was not just one Real Estate agent selling the house but four. Adam was our main contact, but Karl, Wayne and Harry also contributed to the positive outcome. Having four Real estate agents working for you is far better than one.

Premierre Group made one promise to me and that was to do their best to sell my house, which they did. It is great to know that Premierre Group fulfil their promises and do their job efficiently and professionally.

William Smith


14 Lemongrass Pl, Springfield Lakes