2017 June

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Quick tips for working out a property’s market value

Posted by Karl Smith in Agency Blog, Preparing to Sell

When you are searching for the perfect property, it can be challenging to work out exactly how much you should be paying. Rather than relying completely on the word of others, you can develop your own strategy for valuing a property, so you have a better independent idea of how much it is really worth….Read More→

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What to consider when choosing a neighbourhood

Posted by Karl Smith in Agency Blog, Making The Next Move

You know what type of home you are looking for – whether you want an apartment or a house, whether you want two bedrooms or three, a garage or a pool – but many buyers forget to take the time to assess whether the neighbourhood suits their requirements too. Before buying a property, spend plenty…Read More→

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Eight tips for New Australians wanting to purchase property

Posted by Karl Smith in Agency Blog

If you are new to Australia and looking to establish a comfortable, settled life here, then sooner or later, you will naturally consider buying property, either as an investment or a home for your family. So there are a few things you need to do in preparation for your first property purchase. 1. Find steady…Read More→

property manager
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How to choose your Property Manager

Posted by Karl Smith in Agency Blog, Property Management

Many property investors overlook the importance of appointing a trustworthy and professional property manager to oversee all the factors involved in ensuring your property retains its capital value and maximises its income. A property manager does more than simply collecting the rent – they need to keep suitable tenants in the property, they administrate all…Read More→

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Sell or buy first? Which option is right for you?

Posted by Karl Smith in Agency Blog, Making The Next Move

It’s the ultimate dilemma for any home owner planning to move on to a new property – do I sell or buy first? You don’t want to sell unless you have somewhere else to live, but you don’t want to buy unless you have the money from the original home. Whichever way you go, there…Read More→